$1,000,000 In PS3 Games Stolen. $1,000,000 In PS3 Games Stolen.

Criminal masterminds in the UK have stolen over a million dollars worth of PlayStation 3 games. Twice. After snatching some 16,000 copies of Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway and an unspecified number of Grand Theft Auto IV discs, thieves were picked up by police, their pirated booty confiscated, their truck impounded.

Thieves, whom we suspect to be in "cahoots," later stole the PlayStation goods a second time, yanking the lorry, as they call it, from the police depot. Police report they have already made arrests and are monitoring eBay auctions for stolen goods.

We've heard talk that they've also issued a triple dog dare to the UK criminal underworld that the games could definitely not be stolen a third time. Crime lords have been unreachable as of press time.

Stolen Playstation games taken again from police depot [Telegraph via Shacknews]


    LOL at the last sentence.

    Good to see that they got caught. Thievery always see the light of justice.

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