A Far Cry From Your Standard PS3

The folks over at Bit-tech teamed up with Ubisoft and German uber-modder Oliver "Butterkneter" K├Ânig to create a special PlayStation 3 to commemorate the release of Far Cry 2. Instead of simply painting the PS3 like any sane person, Butterkneter created a painstakingly detailed base for the console, complete with rocks, plants, an empty magazine, a skull, and a friendly little ant. Then he painted the console, right? No, he removed the case, went to town with a dremel tool, and then painted the case, created the awesome spectacle seen above.

Hit the link below to check out the whole project from start to finish, and then enter Bit-tech's contest for a chance to win the piece for yourself. Just in case you haven't been paying attention, the answer is Africa.

Far Cry 2 PS3 by Butterkneter [bit-tech]


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