A 'Left 4 Dead' LEGO Zombie Apocalypse In Pictures

If you happened to miss this weekend's Brickcon 2008 in Seattle, as we unfortunately did, you missed the appearance of the "Zombie Apocafest" project. It was one part Left 4 Dead, one part The Big Lebowski and two parts LEGO. It was also 6.8 parts awesome, with a massive zombie-filled scene of Left 4 Dead-style destruction, featuring copious amounts of LEGO gore.

The four stars of Valve's undead packed co-op shooter wage war against custom zombie hordes in brick form, photographic evidence of which can be further explored at the official Left 4 Dead blog. It's your best nerd-value dollar, we swear.

Legoland of the Dead [Left 4 Dead Blog]


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