AC/DC Rock Band: No Online Play, Other 'Fine Print' Details

Between hearing the news, getting the press release then getting a follow-up, all the big questions we had about Rock Band's AC/DC expansion were answered. Doesn't mean all our questions were answered, though. We've still got plenty more.'s online going to work? Is it true that AC/DC are now signed exclusively to Rock Band? And if so, does this mean Harmonix are big fat liars, and that exclusivity in these band games does matter?

Let's look at that last question first. Speaking with Variety, MTV's senior VP of electronic games and music, Paul DeGooyer, says that AC/DC are now, "for a term", signed exclusively to Rock Band. This flies in the face of previous comments from Harmonix, who say the practise is "really not good for anyone". Oh well. MTV are the boss, and what the boss wants, the boss gets.

As for online play...according to Variety there will be no online play. The report says, "If you want to play with your friends, you have to be in the same room". Oh dear.

AC/DC now exclusive to Rock Band, no online play, and other details on the upcoming expansion pack [Variety]


    This sucks, another example of money grubbing taking enjoyment away from gamers

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