Activision Cock-Blocking Brutal Legend Release

Most games left homeless from the Activision-Vivendi merger have now found new homes. Indeed, the only high-profile game left whose future is undecided is Brutal Legend, Tim Schafer's heavy metal orgy of celebrity voice-actors and demonic riffage. But that's not for want of trying! According to Variety and "sources" at development studio Double Fine, Activision have been "an impediment" to the game finding a new publisher. Catty! What's unclear is why Activision have been "blocking the progress"; do they want more money for the project than suitors are willing to part with? Did they have a spat with Double Fine and are simply taking the chance to punish them? Who knows. We don't. So we'll settle for some conjecture, with an added dash of praying that someday this game will actually be released.

Brutal Legend still homeless, sources blame Activision Blizzard [Variety]


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