Agatha Christie Screens Show Off Powerful Tennis Ball Dropping On Turd Engine

JoWood software's Agatha Christie: Evil Under The Sun places you in control of Christie's Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot as you investigate a mystery based on the classic novel.

These screens are meant to show off the intuitive WiiMote control system that will let you manipulate objects in a natural(ish) way. If these pics are representative of the game we can look forward to some exquisitely rendered clothes-washing, dart-throwing and bath-filling action.

Nice to see someone is trying to put the WiiMote to more than the usual bat/stick/sword/pointer gestures, and a Poirot game could be intriguing... but But BUT - what is going on in the picture above?

The JoWood press site claims that "Three scenes from the game are shown in which the Wii Remote™ is the key to solving a puzzle. An important clue buried in the dirt must be uncovered by simulating a digging motion, and a screw is tightened by rotating the Wii Remote."

None of which seems to describe what is going on. Theories?
Take a look at these screenies to get those brains into gear


    Going by the backgrounds visible behind the actions, the accompanying action for the Tennis Ball - Poop screen is "Crank". :/

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