Age Of Conan Noteriety System Coming Very Soon

A little while ago, Age of Conan developers Funcom added the first portion of their player versus player overhaul, putting in place incentives to PVP such as the PVP leveling system that rewards you for killing other players. Unfortunately that half of the overhaul didn't contain consequences for just murdering anyone who happens by, bringing back memories of the early days of Ultima Online, where chopping wood resulted in "OooOooOOoOo" nine times out of ten. Now game director Craig Morrison tells Eurogamer that the Notoriety System, which makes it significantly less attractive to kill everyone, could be in place as early as next week.

It works like this: You begin as an innocent. Killing another innocent makes you a criminal with a bounty on your head, and killing enough makes you a murderer who gets attacked by town guards. Killing criminals and murderers doesn't hurt a player's reputation at all. It's a nifty system that I am rather looking forward to having in place. Until then, I hide.

Conan PVP consequences "very soon"


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