Another Street Date Whomped: Fable 2

fable2-onsale.jpgThe Bioshock for PS3 street date wasn't such a big deal, as it certainly had the Xbox crew laughing about how long ago they finished it. Twice. But this one is a doozy. If you're keen to get a good run at Fable 2 a full week ahead of the pack, then hit your local K-Mart and hope for the best.

Linc sends us photographic proof of purchase that other tipsters could learn from. The box, the disc, and the receipt. I imagine you'll have until about lunchtime today if Microsoft decides to try and crack down on this one, or you'll see it in many more stores over the weekend if they don't. Either way, if you're eager, hit K-Mart now — particularly if it's K-Mart Innaloo. The authoritative evidence shot after the jump. [Thanks Linc!] fable-kmart.jpg


    Sweet, I'm going to go to all my local gamestores and see if I can get one early, I can barely wait 6 more days!

    Sooo...Linc! How's the game?

    innaloo aye?
    i might go check them out today.
    anyone know if they still have it?

    Yep.... got the last copy from Toowong in Bris. They only had 3 to start with. Thanks Kotaku.

    It appears that NSW are missing out.. I've tried chatswood, Hornsby, Castle Hill and North Rocks. Lame!

    Staff at JB-HiFi have been specifically told not to sell the game until the 23rd. :(

    It seems K Mart have broken the date everywhere. More people have posted receipts from NSW stores of K Mart now. Hopefully they move the date forward.

    after i saw this i went to Kmart they said that they had it but couldnt sell it till the 23rd i also went 2 big W (same answer) JB (didnt have it) and target didnt have it either

    I got mine from Toowong! K-mart geezer said it was the second last copy they have.

    I have a feeling someones going to get fired.

    Damn, Kmart Chadstone wouldn't sell me it and neither would JB. Jb said it was a $10,000 fine for giving games out early.

    Just got it from Kmart Toowong! Its awesome

    If they have the Collectors Edition I'll definitely be cancelling my pre-order at JB's and get it there. (If JB's are willing to break their street date that is).

    Just picked up a copy at Target at Epping Plaza about 30 mins ago. They've got about another 5 or so on shelf.

    Called K-Mart Innaloo, they told me the 23rd.

    I just got a call from my local EB Games saying that if the street date gets broken then they will sell it to me. We need photo evidence people!!! He told me one sale wasn't enuogh for their Head Office to give them the go-ahead. They received their stock today.

    i got mine as soon as i read it on kotaku. been playing for few hours.. got videos up on youtube... possible spoilers

    Damn you all you Kmart Toowongers!
    That's my store you're shopping from!

    Photo evidence is right here in the story, Russ! There's the receipt! :-)

    Creepy that all 3 people (including myself) who purchased it from Toowong, posted a comment here. Guess a shit load of people must read Kotaku.

    Picked mine up from kmart kardinya, even got it priced matched to JB's advertised $79 :D
    Didn't have any CE's though.

    JB in Perth said no go till the 24th. I said Kmart in Innaloo were selling it and he said they'd be in for some big ass fines as a result.

    Can anyone please confirm if Kmart has the collectors edition?

    I just called my local EB ( Toowong ), and they informed me that currently EB is sticking to the official release date. Kmart has apparently been busted and penalised and has stopped selling copies now. The Polite fellow on the phone told me that as soon as they're told they're allowed to release, they'll call all preorder-ers. ( looks like it'll simply be the official release date though ).

    Hope you kids who have it early enjoy it!

    Was just at Kmart Mt Ommaney, they've got 2 copies in.

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