Are You Better Than These People At Rock Band?

The first episode of VH1's Rock Band 2: The Stars recently debuted. In case you were wondering, both Alice Cooper and Sebastian Bach are trying to find the best Rock Band players out there to start their own bands with. This involves many challenges, such as being able to play Rock Band on expert or smashing your guitar in a real cool way. They kick off five people in the first episode, including one of the only few girl singers. But don't worry, they all sucked. And hey, if it's any consolation, I know there's one guy out there looking for a singer!


    Wow. I had no idea Rock Band 2 had so much Dove soap in it.

    But considering it's a video about Rock Band, they sure as hell got the 'Only available in the US' part right.

    It would be nice to think that the Australian Kotaku was more than just a cut and paste of the US site and that they checked content before posting it. Obviously not

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