Awesome Mega Man Stop Motion Video

This Mega Man 9 fan tribute is a real work of art. Paper cut-outs are stop-motioned across real world objects arranged to form Mega Man-esque levels.

Actually, watching it back again it reminds me of a particularly creative LittleBigPlanet creation. The Oreo Cookie 'boss battle' is genius. Maybe this would be a good start point for Mega Man 10?

Mega Man 9 - Rockin' in Paper! [Snow's Capcom Blog - thanks to Kyle Morse for the tip]


    This reminds me of the video with Miner Willy running around on somebody's desk, falling on forks or things like that and dying, then respawning, and it was really well done with a shaky video camera and a superimposed sprite (glowing, too!) which actually was so well placed that the camera shakes and zooms kept to scale with it. It's hard to like stop motion after seeing that one...

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