Awesome New Prince of Persia Trailer and Screens

I'm not trying to build this up, honestly, but this Prince of Persia trailer is just beautiful. It's certainly not Trailer Trash material. Feel free to take a gander at it as well as the screens after the jump.


    That was absolutely wonderful. Shades of ICO just make it all the more interesting. The wall running mechanics really caught my eye. I remember the relationship between the protagonist and companion in sands of time being one of the best written ever in a computer game, and this echoes that for me. This just became a must buy.

    Prince of Persia, looks and sounds more like "Prince," than anything else.
    Is there anything remotely Persian in this game besides the title?

    really cool trailer.what is the name of the song for this trailer?

    Yeah, I really want to know what the song is called and who it is buy too.

    The song is Breathe Me by Sia

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