Belgium Cracks Down On...Game Rentals

In June, the Belgian Entertainment Association (representing game publishers, of course) managed to convince Belgian authorities to outlaw game rentals. On the grounds that renting games made a sizeable dent in game sales. Part of that deal was that, from June, video stores couldn't buy any new games to rent out, but could keep on renting out the ones they had until December. Well, with December approaching, Belgian paper De Standaard has confirmed that, come December 1, Belgians won't be able to rent video games. At all. Bet the publishers are happy with that one! Pity about the, you know. Gamers.

Videogames verhuren plots verboden [De Standaard, thanks everyone!]


    i dont know bout you guys but i normally hire a game to see if its worth me actually buying the thing. here in AU our games cost up to $120. so if that were to happen here i would seriously mod all of my console (the ones that can be modded) and never "pay" for a game again.
    these guys must be seriously retarded not to realise the shit storm they are about to create! games are readilly available on the net to d/l for free and usually before the release of it. what do they think is going to happen? if someone is unwilling to pay for a game straight up and they like to hire it first, do they actually think they are going to just go out and buy the thing? HELL NO!!!

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