Bethesda Looking Into Fallout 3 Leak

Were you the one that leaked Fallout 3? Well, you better not be, because Bethesda is looking to find out just who did! Bethesda VP Pete Hines says they've narrowed it down and they're gonna get you!

"We're looking into it. Since we haven't sent out a single disc, it greatly reduces the number of places this might have come from."

So that means it must have been an internal leak (really doubtful) or someone haxored their way in. Me? I like to buy my games (or at the very least own a used retail copy). Nothing beats the smell of opening a new game and displaying it proudly on your bookshelf with the rest of your collection.

(Tom's Games va Maxconsole)


    Now now, just remember that used retail copies are a horrible theft from the company. We don't purchase games my friend, we rent then on a non-transferable infinite-term lease.

    I believe in supporting good games, not companies. Many have shown in the past that a company will be happy to drop fans in an instant if there's greater profit else where.

    I'm gonna buy Fallout 3 for PC, but I wouldn't have known about it if it weren't for this pirate leak.

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