Bethesda Nervous About Fallout 3 Review (What's YOUR Opinion?)

Fallout 3 is out. People seem to like it. The game press is giving the game good reviews so far, but developer Bethesda Softworks divulges it does get nervous about what reviewers think. Says Bethesda's Pete Hines, "We're never really sure how these [reviews]will turn out. So in general, we're always nervous/anxious." Hines goes on to say that it's not just the critics who matter, but also the opinions of those gamers who are purchasing the game with their own hard earned cash. So regular gamer people who have bought Fallout 3, put on your critic cap and feel free to let all know what you think.

Bethesda: We're "Always Nervous" About Reviews [EDGE]


    well, i've been waiting for this game now for about a year. i was looking forward to a new fallout addition so much i even re-installed and beat fallout 1, 2, and tactics in the mean time, just to tide me over.

    well the day finally came when it was released in Canada, i bought it immediately, and spent the rest of the day looking forward to starting it up.

    WHY? WHY? why didnt i wait a day to check out the post-release reviews and forums!?

    installed the game no problem, took forever, (but that just means its going to be great , right?)

    well, i regret purchasing the game right away now, since i just learnt that the game is riddled with errors and glitches, mostly related to hardware clashes, driver clashes, and even everyday background programs are clashing
    with fallout 3.

    i am running the game above the minimum requirements, ive shut down all unessential programs (from task manager), and ive even tried praying... NOPE

    for some reason or another my sound doesn't work, and i am frozen in place at my 'birthday party'.... if it didnt freeze up like that i'd even try to keep playing with no sound...
    ... but thats alot like paying $70 for a hotdog but only being able to eat the bun...

    ive check almost 20 forums full of others with similar problem,s very few people can come up with a fixable solution, and those that have, it wont work for me...

    so im kind of screwed, got me a $70 paper weight, i guess ill go back to playing fallout 2 again...

    I bought the game for Xbox 360 and I think it's great, it is indeed glitchy though, the walking is probably the most annoying thing about it, I constantly get stuck on miniscule things, and it has a lot of trouble changing terrain, it gets annoying(especially 90% of what I've seen so far is uneven terrain). I have also seen a lot of stretched npcs, those are really the only saddening things so far, and I'm sure there will be some patches.

    yeah that sounds alot like oblivion, i guess the jump button will come in handy. overall from what ive seen i am very impressed with the game... i just cant play more then 2 minutes of it. thats fine though, i can wait until theres a solution on forums.

    as for the stretched characters, that might be the resolution you have set it to, i remember playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. for the longest time thinking i was a midget, or the radiation gave everyone but you a growth spurt, try setting it to a dfferent resolution

    As with the above comments, I've been waiting for what seems an eternal forever to get my hands on this... picked it up on 360 and have been repeatedly blown away. Such a warm and reassuring feeling to return to the wastes...

    On the above comments, I have noted some glitches, have been stuck in scenery once or twice and had the system freeze a few times.

    Otherwise, brilliant.


    I pre-ordered the survival edition. I didn't even get to opening the game. The pip boy was such a major let down (I should have just burned the $50 and enjoyed the heat) that I returned the game to Amazon and, honestly, at this point, don't feel like buying the game anymore. (I posted a review at Amazon if you want details about the pip boy.) I am really upset with Bethesda. Realistically, I will buy the game, but I'm thinking post-Christmas, once the technical bugs are worked out. And I'm skipping the collector's edition. Bethesda, you really really really disappointed me.

    so far I can't even play the game so can I have one of the copies reviewers are using that work? I suppose then I can say its great. in the meantime I think I wasted my money pre-ordering it.

    hey all, i've gotten fallout 3 to work, i'll quickly explain my problem, and how i fixed it.

    IF ANY OF YOU EXPERIENCE: lack of sounds (people will talk to you buy they say nothing), other then ones that your character makes walking, baby cooing etc)

    FIX: (this worked for my XP PRO, but may for any other XP )
    go to start panel,
    go to control panel,
    go to Sounds / Audio Devices
    go to the Audio tab (at the top of the window)
    now under the Sound Playback section (at far top)and go to advanced
    now go to the performance tab, and turn off your sound acceleration.

    once you try this go into the game, this fixed everything for me, and by now (other then the sounds) you will have noticed many more things happening in the game that didnt happen before

    you can tinker with the sound acceleration when you got the game to work, raise the bar one tick at a time and try the game.

    ANYWAYS, ive now played for about 5 hours in total and i can safely say other then some technical glitches regarding hardware, this game is absolutely awesome.

    What do I think? Well I think Bethesda needs to desperately learn how to animate 3d models. I mean everyone who seems to love Oblivion love this game too, and they think it's awesome and gorgeous and everything.

    Well, the environment is very interesting and wow. You're good at that Bethesda. But the first video I saw of this game showed the main character punching Butch in the face, does anyone remember seeing this or doing it in game? Well you walk up to butch while he's talking and start punching him in the face and he just stands there casually continuing to talk, then slowly reacts and everyone of your punches he just kind of stands there till he falls on the ground.

    So what I ask is, how can this be considered good? The incredibly poor animation they continue to produce incredibly disappoints me. Death animations, walking animations (characters walking into each other like robots), SPEECH ANIMATIONS, I mean it can't be that hard to animate someone talking? You realize there is more to a person's body than their face? I guess Bethesda doesn't get out much.

    The story itself seems to interest me, but I haven't yet beat the game. I hear the ending sucks, and after the Fallout 1 and 2 endings that makes me nervous because those endings were very varied and interesting.

    So overall, the game seems cool, interesting but very void of personality. I find myself more connected with 2D sprites then these lifeless 3D models and that's what really disappoints me because the world doesn't entrap me.

    Good notes though is VATS, I like that it's nice and character models are pretty good, as well as the environment.

    Visko, your entirely correct in your comment, your main points about character interaction (walking into each other, etc) are rather accurate. yes, bethesda needed to spend a little more time on their character movements, and interactions, but i CANT go as far as to say i'm disappointed, i heared the game was getting rushed to production and i expected a small level of eye-opening, slap across the face glitches, you know, the kind that takes you out of your gaming stupour and reminds you that you just spent the last 3 hours in a game induced trance?

    i played oblivion quite a bit when it first came out, and i recall being a little disappointed in how characters reacted to each other as well as you.

    but in all honesty i do see significant improvement between fallout and oblivion, many of the more noticeable problems have been corrected, one of my biggest disappointments that was fixed, was the in oblivion you can hit a guy with a sword, and he'll die and get tossed across the room like you wacked him with a baseball bat, however in fallout 3, the combat body movements seem much more ... realistic, you shoot or hit someone that body part gets tossed back in the impact or cut/torn right off.

    *your right though seems they spent more time on perfecting faces then they did on perfecting character interactions...

    * for some reason i couldnt punch, or punch him back when he started to attack me, i dont recall seeing it on the trailers either but, i could imagine that it would look rather weird, like punching a manaquine or something, it doesnt react.

    anyways, for the record i do have to say this game is awesome, a little glitchy here and there but only to the trained eye, i believe.

    i am very pleased with my purchase of fallout 3,

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