Binned Fable II CE Contents Back As Free Downloads

The Fable II Collector's Edition will be missing some stuff. The swish box, some cards, and a neat little Hobbe figure. The box and the figure, sadly, there's nothing that can be done for them. They're gone. But the cards, they live on, Lionhead telling us that they'll be made available as downloadable pdf files so you can print them off. They won't look as good as they would have coming from a professional printer, but then, poor quality versions are normally better than no version at all.


    Sounds like we that have ordered the collectors edition have been ripped off , hmmm maybe many who ordered this edition wouldn't have done so if we had known earlier . & the extremely late release date what is the bet the game will have bug issues anyway always seems the way & yet the consumer pays top dollar ! This is unexceptable really , shame on the companys envolved its a farce not a fable .

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