Bionic Commando Is 'Not Fucking Spider-Man'

People are worried that Bionic Commando might be a bit too hard. I'm one of them. There's a fear that, because the game's swinging mechanic is both integral to the game and difficult to master at the same time, a lot of players may not take the time to learn the system and give up on the game. Is this a concern to the development team? No, not really. Making the mechanic hard was the whole point, says GRIN's Ulf Andersson:

It's not fuckin' Spider-Man. We made a swing mechanism that's not automatic. This means you have to focus a bit more, because it's a proper mechanic instead of just a button press; it's the core mechanic of the game. Everything in the game is built around that, from the environments to the enemy.

It's really hard to do a good swing mechanic. Not many games have got it right. But we're all really proud of ours. The original Bionic Commando was skill-based. There was a risk in jumping: you might die, you might not. We've stayed true to that core mood and feeling of the original in our game.

That mechanic will be too hard for some. Heck, might be too hard for many. But for others, it'll be a hoot. It's at least refreshing to see a developer make a decision like this and stick with it, if only so you kids that are always complaining about stuff being dumbed down can take a look.


    " Bionic Commando Is 'Not Fucking Spider-Man' "

    It's more of a reach-around really... :-P

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