Castlevania Judgment's Latest Trio Of Gothic Misfits

While I was uncertain about Castlevania Judgment before, their current trend of releasing characters three at a time has me downright troubled. The game comes out next month, and while part of me thinks this could just be a clever way to build up suspense for the game's release, the more cynical side of me suspects they are just making the whole thing up as they go along. These new screenshots show off three new characters, Carmilla, the eternal servant of Dracula, Trevor Belmont, the Belmont named after my old dog, and Golem. Yes, we get to fight as Golem, and while he certainly looks cool, he was hardly at the top of my list. Hell, I'd rather play as an annoying flying Medusa head than Golem. Oh well, there's still time. *crosses fingers* Screenies on the link.


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