Cave Story Graphics Comparison, PC v Wii

In case you missed it, Cave Story is coming to the Wii. As a WiiWare title. If you don't have a PC and don't mind paying for a free PC game, there is no question, you should get this game. But just in case there are any questions, know that the Wii version isn't a straight-up port. It's having its graphics tarted up. Like a HD remix, except, not really in HD. Above is King. On the left, King from the PC version. On the right, King from the Wii version. After the jump, same thing, except for Toroko. Looks great, a lot more like the character art from the cutscenes, but I'm sure some people will still find some reason to complain about this graphical treason.

Cave Story Art Comparison: King [Nicalis]


    I have this on my GP2X and it has to be one of the best ports to the platform. Perfect fit for a bit of compelling handheld platformer action.

    have you tried the game? do the gameplay differ from the pc version?

    graphically speaking i think they do a nice work, maybe useless, but a nice work...

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