Chun Li Crotchplay: Violation Of Cosplay Rule #117

Chun Li Crotchplay: Violation Of Cosplay Rule #117

The Tokyo Game Show is many things, and classy is generally one of them. The show’s a safe, friendly, clean place to hang out for a few days. But sometimes – just sometimes – somebody has to take things one step too far. Example: this unfortunate incident, spotted on Sunday afternoon.

Chun Li was having her leg hoisted (willingly, mind you), seemingly so she was in an authentic “kick” pose, but really so these two could get a better shot. Of. You know. Was odd enough as is, but what kicked things up a notch was when the poor girl’s hips started getting sore. She was in pain, and had to shake it off. Do a few squats, stretch it out. But after a quick flex and a gritting of her teeth?

She was right back into it. Come on, girl: cosplay rules explicitly state you gotta keep things a little classier.


  • Well we don’t have a (good) gaming convention in Perth, but we do have a sweet anime convention that is full of great cosplay, Its called WAI-Con and its on round the 28th January 2009. check it out.

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