Close Up With The DSi (Alright, Who's Buying?)

Announced today at a Nintendo press conference in Tokyo, here are the first non-PR pictures of the Nintendo DSi, including a look at the portable's box. Nothing quite like packaging. After the jump, there's a close-up of the DSi, a blurry close-up at that. But it does show the new DSi interface.

Our question: Who's keen on picking this up?

任天堂、「ニンテンドーDSi」を発表30万画素カメラ付、SDカードスロット付で11月1日発売 [Game Watch Impress]
これがニンテンドーDSiだ! [Famitsu]


    i am defs picking this baby up!
    But i am also keeping my DSLite for GBA playback

    I dunno.... if R4 still works it might be worth buying :P=D

    So you're happy to fork out $200+ for an ever-so-slightly-larger screen with 'audio enhancements' and a rubbish camera, but not actually buy any of the games?

    Makes me sad.

    Um.. 'Prince' it is actually £149.99 but if u take ur old Ds lite into 'GAME' you get it half price. also in some places you can get a game half price when buying the new DS lite.

    I really would like one, my mum said yes if i beahve :k x

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