Competition: Saints Row 2 Giveaway: Wannabe Gangsta Stylez!

Competition: Saints Row 2 Giveaway: Wannabe Gangsta Stylez!
saintsrow-gangsta.jpgAw yeah! You know, once upon a time I was a serious ball player. Six nights a week, regional reps (word up to my old friends from Bankstown Bruins and Shoalhaven Tigers!) But that was all back when Jordan still played for the Bulls. Hell, Larry Bird still played (Celtics champions again!!). Now all I can do is mug for the camera and remember how good I USED to look in a basketball shirt. But that’s okay! When I think gangsta I don’t need to play, I just need to pose.

For your chance to win one of two Saints Row 2 packs, with a copy of the game and one of these limited Saints Row basketball singlets plus a Saints Row 2 gold bullet 1GB USB key (that’s the thing between my teeth), send us photos of your best wannabe gangsta poses, with evidence in the photo that you took it for Kotaku. We have one copy for PS3 and one copy for X360, so flag which you want and we will give one to our favourite photo from a user of each platform. Plus two more winners will score a gold bullet 1GB USB key. Send your efforts to You have until November 14!

One of you gets this shirt worn by yours truly. I won’t say which, as I’d hate to hear you bleached it to get the Shay off.

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