Dead Rising Wii Will Have More Zombies, Fun

Luke described his experience with Dead Rising Wii at TGS as "a complete waste of time." Well, Luke, did you know you weren't playing the final build of the game? Capcom Community Sr. Manager Seth Killian told Nintendo Everything the build everyone has seen so far is old and just a tech demo, and that the final game will have more zombies and other "notable changes."

"I haven't played the final build, so I dunno if it's going to be 3000% different, but I have seen screenshots, and yes, there are more zombies on the screen and a few other notable changes. I can't promise the moon without having actually played it, but I'm not trying to double-talk you here. The TGS build is not the final game, and there do appear to be some positive changes going forward."

I get to see Dead Rising Wii on Wednesday, but I'm not expecting to see the "final build" either. Hopefully somebody gets to see it before the game's scheduled release in January. Until then, we'll keep drinking our haterade.

(Nintendo Everything via VG247)


    That's right, a port on a machine with half the power of the original machine the game was released for will naturally be extra awesome!

    There's PR spin and then there's just plain lying, this is clearly the latter.

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