Dead Space, Army Of Two, Battlefield: Bad Company Sequels Planned, Sun To Rise

According to EA Games president Frank Gibeau and EA Redwood Shores general manager Glenn Schofield, EA is planning on producing sequels to recent hits Army of Two, Battlefield: Bad Company and Dead Space. We'll agree that it's about as shocking as finding one's nose still attached to one's face, but it illustrates just how important original intellectual property is to the company. That's why they've been doing all that brand building recently, y'know.

In recent interviews with Variety, the two EA bossmen loosely confirmed plans for new franchise iterations, with Dead Space looking to have its property further whored out to toys and novels.

It's our understanding that the next Battlefield: Bad Company is planned to ship as early as next summer, in EA's fiscal fourth quarter.

Army of Two sequel, Dead Space movie talks, and more on EA's new approach to original properties [Variety]


    dont think the choices for sequals was very good maybe dead space though

    They have a good foundation on which to improve the other two though, after investing millions in developing the first, they have to make good on that. I'm confident they wouldn't stuff up Army of Two a second time around.

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