Decode the Walls with the Dead Space Cipher

Readers Steven K., Eamon and Chris A. send this one in late, a screenshot from Chapter 6 in Dead Space that will help the rest of us decode what the alien scribblings on the walls mean. Some smudges on a few alien letters, plus some additional human phonetics (SS and TH, and "dbl letters"), but it's a start for would-be graffiti decoders. Thanks guys.

Haven't played the game this far yet, but gahazakul's comment seems helpful enough for those wanting to fit this into a canonical explanation that I'll highlight it:

The alien language that they are decoding is a third hand code that PEOPLE are using in the game.

Mankind discovered these runes, deciphered them mostly to an approximation of a human cipher, and when they went crazy and started scribbling things on the walls (see the crazy people, not the "aliens", are leaving the scribblings behind before they die) they then started doing in the runes they have translated to an English analog.

The transcriptions that people are putting out are also acknowledging there are a lot of letter stand ins and combination's of letters that can be represented by single characters.

Soooo, no this "Alien language" is not a direct translation, but what some people in the game world have deciphered for themselves and then started scribbling everywhere.


    It is a mono-alphabetic substitution cipher, rather than a language. It has 3 symbols that map to multiple characters (ss, th, and "double letters"), although these don't seem to be used.
    e.g. "death is only the beginning" is encoded with the 'n' symbol twice, rather than "n:".
    "pig pen" is a real life cipher that used symbols to encode the latin alphabet (it's really simple, only for children)
    Double letter encodings were traditionally used to make a cipher harder to break, along with nulls (symbols that have no meaning and should be ignored) - but the developers made this intentionally easy by including word spaces and giving most of the cipher in a texture.
    Other games that use symbolic ciphers for secret text include "forbidden siren" (secret text also included links to a website), and "morrowind" (dwemer and daedric writing)

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