Deus Ex 3 Guy Says Deus Ex 1 Was 'Kinda Slow'

Deus Ex 1 was a masterpiece. Deus Ex 2 deviated from Deus Ex 1's formula, and failed as a result. So what's Deus Ex 3 going to be like? Well it sounds like it's going to be faster, for one, with lead game designer Jean-Francois Dugas telling Edge the first Deus Ex was "kinda slow".

There weren't enough exciting, memorable moments. It was aimed more towards a simulation rather than a game experience.

Before you reach for the straw doll and large, rusty pins, know he's talking about the game's pace, not necessarily its complexity, as Dugas also says that aside from the PC, other formats for the game are yet to be decided, as "console-isation isn't about dumbing down features. If we're to go console we will want to keep the complexity alive".

Deus Ex was "Kinda Slow" Says Deus Ex 3 Dev [Edge]


    If it works anything like Oblivion & Fallout 3 then its going to be all good. Its just a matter of have the controller mapping right and having the appropriate menus in game to create & combine objects.

    I believe the first game wasn't slow, the pace allowed for plenty of hidden details and for the user to completely be enveloped in the world around them. The more realistic feel and long level complex made the game quite memorable. The sudden twists that made the player go "WOW!" were part of its perfection. I hope that by pace he, Jean-Francois Dugas, is referring to the combat. The game allotted for stealth if that was the player's preferable style. Do not remove that key fundamental aspect from the game. Also, do not make it a one or the other either. The first game offered customization to how the player wanted to deal with situations...this was decided through skills that were set into motion usually prior to, that the player could use in multiple ways. Given that the game is indeed a sequel, continuity is also very important. I hope to see some younger Deus Ex cameos, but I want a new game at the same time. Also, don't destroy the conspiracy theory plot. Keep it realistic, believable in the real world. I really hope Eidos comes through because Deus Ex 2 was not a failure, it just turned away from the core gameplay of its predecessor for ease, graphics, and I honestly don't know what was going on in the game developers' minds. I hope they realize this, and bring forward 2010's Game of the Year. I'm counting on them cause I know they can do it. They just can't be lazy and get caught up in the plague of cool graphics. Be unique, form a very solid plot, bring back skill customization (possibly more than what Deus Ex but on the same line), augmentations were a big part of this series, follow the Deus Ex strategy (Don't give augmentations as an easier way of handling situations, but a different way. You can climb a wall, cloak past guards, hack into security systems and reprogram defense mainframe, or send a little EMP bot to disable electronic bots, the possibilities should be seemingly endless. You could even go blazing with guns ready, but that wouldn't be very cunning now would it). This shouldn't be a game where enemies are plentiful, Killzone, Halo, Resistance, e.t.c, nor should it be a game like Medal Gear Solid. It should be a game like Deus Ex. Thank you for bringing our world what we've wanted for far too long. Hopefully our words will reach the Eidos Montreal Team. Surprise us, but bring us what we want at the same time. There was never a game to this date as good as Deus Ex. It's been labeled the greatest PC game of all time. Let's make it the GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME...can I hear a Game of the Century award...YEAH!!

    There are no the greatest games of all times, drd7of14, and there will never be because of people's differences.

      There are universal truths though. If you disagree that Ocarina of Time is one of the greatest games of all time, then you're not a real gamer

        BZZZZZZT! Wrong answer.

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