Dick Smith 50% Off Selected Games

Ecogamer has passed on word of a big 50% off selected games sale at Dick Smith for “10 days only”. Ecogamer has compiled a list of titles on offer to save you a lot of legwork. Plus they have the cunning suggestion that we should all help each other out by doing some price matching at nearby stores so that more gamers get to share the bargains while stocks last.

Here’s a few highlights they’ve shared. Lots more listed at Ecogamer:
Crysis PC – $27.50
No More Heroes Wii – $34.88
Burnout Paradise PS3 – $32.38
Viva Pinata Party Animals X360 – $15
Phoenix Wright DS – $7.50
Wipeout Pure – $7.50

50% Off Selected Games [Ecogamer]


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