Dick Smith 50% Off Selected Games

Dick Smith 50% Off Selected Games

Dick Smith 50% Off Selected GamesEcogamer has passed on word of a big 50% off selected games sale at Dick Smith for “10 days only”. Ecogamer has compiled a list of titles on offer to save you a lot of legwork. Plus they have the cunning suggestion that we should all help each other out by doing some price matching at nearby stores so that more gamers get to share the bargains while stocks last.

Here’s a few highlights they’ve shared. Lots more listed at Ecogamer: Crysis PC – $27.50 No More Heroes Wii – $34.88 Burnout Paradise PS3 – $32.38 Viva Pinata Party Animals X360 – $15 Phoenix Wright DS – $7.50 Wipeout Pure – $7.50

50% Off Selected Games [Ecogamer]


  • Some of those prices looked massivley cheap. I thought that it was maybe the price difference, not the actual price.

  • Found Force Unleashed (360) inside the 50% off bin. Price tag has it for $79 ($20 off RRP). When taken to the cashier they processed it as 50% off also (a bit under $40). Not sure if it was suppose to be in there, but dig around and you might some surprises 🙂

  • Price Match people! Can’t stress this enough, some DSE’s only have one or two of the cheap games in stock. EB on the other hand has plenty!
    I wonder if they’ll let me price match Colin McRae Dirt from Eb’s listed price of $100 to DSE’s price of $12.50 lol.

  • Was there today… got the Orange Box for $32.50, and Burnout Paradise for $40… both for 360.

    Also got Viva Pinata for $5, NFS Carbon (collectors ed.) for $20… Mum got five 360 games (inc. the latter two) for $100.

  • Well, i went to Dick Smith cos i thought Blue Dragon for $10 was a bargain but they were outta stock. So i popped dpwn to EB for a price match and they “called” up Dick Smiths to confirm and the EB girl on teh phone was saying “Oh $60 for that game, you sure? Ok well thank you” and told me tough luck maybe i got the start of the sale wrong. I popped back to Dick Smiths to see if it was a typo and was told “Definitely $10, it comes up straight away so there’s no way a staff member would make a mistake.”

    Stupid EB

  • I got Burnout Paradise from DSE in Elizabeth Street in Melbourne for under $35 – but I had to ask because the original price was on the game when I picked it up. Great deal, half the cheapest price I’ve seen anywhere else.

  • EB is a pain in the arse in regards to these DSE sales.. they tend to BS quite a bit Lem.
    Sale started today, for those of you in Perth Dick Smith in Whitfords has a whole table full of console, and 2 boxes full of PC.. at least 150, maybe 200 titles all up. Would probably avoid trying the CBD stores in Perth and obviously any stores that have just opened or that.. also avoid standalone stores because they tend to stock a limited range. Powerhouses are also going to be the best bet if they are available.. All the prices that Ecogamer listed are correct and thats pretty much a good 75% of the titles covered.. Happy Bargain Hunting! =] And remember to never trust the stock availaibity thing on the DSE website.. proved that its 3 days out of date in many cases and does not account for stolen stock, etc which hasn’t been found out yet!

  • Just got back from EB, the look on their faces when I asked for a price match on Colin McRae from 100$ to $12.50… 😀

    Ended up getting
    Colin McRae RRP$100.00
    Blue Dragon RRP$99.95
    Condemned RRP$49.95

    For a grand total of $32.50!

    Now to decide whether to play ’em, sell ’em or trade ’em in at JB for Dead Space/Fallout 3/Fable.

  • I managed to find two EB stores who price-matched the DSE prices without calling them up to check stock levels. Sweet! =D

  • People, price match at EB!!! Remember sharing is caring, don’t buy games from DSE, buy from EB, JB Hi-Fi, Big W in the local area and price match. They have no excuse when the store across the road selling for so cheap. After calling some stores today I pretty much give up my hopes on scoring the Xbox 360 games I want, most are sold out, or display stock (case no disc). I think Xbox 360 gamers are probably the most thrifty gamers out there… Well I guess it is Karma, last DSE sale I got 20 XBox 360 games for around $200… n I only had time to play through 3 or 4 of them. Anyway good luck bargain hunting, but if you can price match some where first, give others a chance.

  • Went in to Hurstville DSE to check on prices today, but they said that the 50% clearance didn’t include PC games, and nor did the sign. Is this true, because the website says otherwise.

  • @Justion – Probably depends on the store. I went to one in St. Leonards but most of the games were either already gone, or, that store itself didn’t have any.

    Either that is the case with the Hurstville DSE or it’s probably because the discount is on clearance games only.

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