Download stores: what's your latest poison?

ageofbooty.jpgWhile we have umpteen big name titles hitting our consoles right now, I've still managed to get myself hooked on a couple of downloadable gems while cleaning up my list of demos I'd pulled down. The most recent release to drag me in is Age of Booty. A lot of fun with its simple RTS gameplay mixed with a tile-based map system that lets you create and share new challenges. The other has been Carcassonne, which I knew would be trouble but I still managed to let myself play 'just one more game' too many times of late — board games can get super addictive when there is no setup and no rules management to deal with.

What quick and dirty downloadables, particularly the less obvious titles, have been grabbing your attention in the face of the season's AAA onslaught we discussed yesterday?


    Kula World! What a great game..

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