Dr. Phil Tackles Game Addiction

Dr. Phil loves the video games, or rather the amount of attention gamers give him when he talks about them. In today's episode he tackles the dangers of computer game addiction, with the entire show dedicated to people who play games when they probably shouldn't be. The show starts with a virtual Dr. Phil complete with a sword and hair talking about how virtual games let you escape from reality before launching into the story of l34-year-old Fred, who sits at home and plays World of Warcraft all day while his wife supports their three children.

"Apparently he's got you supporting him and taking care of the house. I wonder what level that is in the real world," Dr. Phil quips.

Other stories include a 41-year-old man who accumulated $US24,000 in debt and attempted suicide, the author of the book "Game Widows", and the return of special guest Liz, whose 21-year-old son killed himself while playing Everquest. Hit the link for the full show notes.

Virtual Chaos [Dr. Phil via Game Politics]


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