EA, LucasArts Have Sights Set On WoW's Userbase

Go big or go home. That's what I always say, and EA must have been thinking the same thing when they announced their new Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic. But you need subscribers to have a successful MMO, and everyone right now is playing World of Warcraft. So how do they plan on becoming a serious contender? LucasArts executive Tom Nichols told VG247 he thinks storytelling may be the key to winning this online battle.

"When World of Warcraft came out, everybody thought, 'No, the market is only this big, because that's as big as EverQuest was.' Blizzard showed that it could be much larger. Our goal is to show that by bringing storytelling to the genre that we can attract an even wider audience. Plus, we have the benefit of this huge brand, which has done very, very well for nearly 30 years."

Nichols also said there's great potential here with Bioware behind the project and the use of the ever-popular Star Wars licence. Still, that's a pretty steep mountain to climb. Good luck, sirs.

WoW is the target for The Old Republic, says LucasArts and EA (VG247)


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