EA Tried To Buy Take-Two Out Of Charity

Speaking with the Wall Street Journal, EA boss John Riccitiello has said that EA's attempts to buy Grand Theft Auto owners Take-Two weren't driven by greed. They were driven by charity, Riccitiello saying the buyout talks were intended "to help that company get through what has been an uneven profit experience". Heart-warming stuff. As for the reason behind the deal, he's up-front, saying "time was of the essence, because we wanted to impact holiday 2008 sales of Grand Theft Auto IV". And now that they can't? All's fine. They're already over it, Riccitiello now describing the attempt as a "waste of ink". It's like the seven steps to overcoming disappointment, all played out in one interview.

Electronic Arts/Take-Two: We Were Just Trying to Help [WSJ]


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