Ed Fleming’s SUV Now 50 Percent Bumper-Free

Ed Fleming’s SUV Now 50 Percent Bumper-Free

The paparazzo who shot that says it’s Ed Fleming, the executive director of VGXPO, better known to some as the guy who got ‘toe up — with Incubus! — at last year’s PAX, and then got throwed out by management. Tipster Relentless Fapping says this time, Ed descended on the Too Many Games convention, in Reading Pa., where he somehow managed to rip the bumper off his car.

Saith Fapping;

“These two pics* were taken at last weekend’s Too Many Games convention. They show VGXpo’s executive director Ed Fleming picking up his front bumper after ripping it off while backing out of the expo centre Too Many Games was held in. At the time the only people in the expo hall were Too Many Game’s organizers and staff, and all the dealers that Ed promotes his show to, everyone saw it happen.[…]I talked with Too Many Games’ organizer and he said that Ed was invited to the show as a guest to help him promote VGXpo, so this was not a covert mission like PAX. Still super embarrassing though.

* – Only pubbed one. The other is just his car. (sorry Fapping.)

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