Enjoy Atlantica - Or Your Money Back!

NDOORS Interactive thinks you will LOVE the Atlantean MMORPG Atlantica Online. In fact it is so confident that it is offering to buy back your account for $US20 if you are unhappy with the game.

Sounds great, no? Well, there is a slight catch - you need to be a Level 50 character or above. Anyone know how long it takes to get to Level 50 in Atlantica? We are willing to bet it is not something you could do in an afternoon.

If you don't at least tolerate the game by around level 20 it is probably a safe bet that you will not be taking NDOORS up on their offer. If, however you are disappointed with the game and decide on a bloody-minded attempt on claiming that refund please let us know in the comments and - if you can - mail us a photograph of the grim expression on your face as you crack the Level 50 barrier.

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