Fable II Abbot Glitch Now a 'Matter of Priority'

There have been numerous tips of glitches coming to our inbox, and it's hard to keep track of what's been reported and what hasn't, and then how serious the stuff is. But Lionhead is aware of them, and is responding. And the notorious Monks Quest glitch is being pursued "as a matter of priority." According to someone speaking for the studio, on Lionhead's official forums:

"If you have already encountered this issue, there is unfortunately no work-around at this time, but we will keep you updated on any progress made. [...]If you want to avoid this issue, when you go to the Abbot for the first time don't run away and leave the region after he has started talking to you. Listen to him, let him finish his cut-scene, and then you are free to do what you wish."

They are also aware of a multiplayer bug that can strip characters of everything, reducing them to level zero with no gold, spells, etc. A highly specific set of things has to happen for it to wipe you out though. Lionhead knows, and responded with this:

We are indeed reading and have logged this as a bug in our database. I was helping one of the dev's fix this earlier so hopefully it will make its way into a title update very soon. Huge apologies for this one, it's a real shame it wasn't caught by test and I'm sorry that you lost your character's progress. This bug only happens when you select a save game in the couch co-op screen straight after childhood so don't worry about this happening elsewhere in the game. Again, sorry on behalf of the Lionhead guys...

It's good that they're paying attention and actually responding, where some others might not acknowledge glitch threads in their official forums for days or weeks. And I know that a lot goes into the creation and testing of a game. But the number of freezes/glitches/wipeouts for such a major title doesn't speak well of the QA process. Here's hoping they catch all of it in their next update.

Resolution for Fable II Glitch [GayGamer.net]


    yo i joined my mates world and then exited and now he doesnt have a dpad shortcut thing or nething really im pretty sure this is a major glitch as u cant really play without the rest of that stuff helping u

    i saw something about the arcealogist and that causing it but seens we arent up to that couldnt be that,

    so yea dunno if anyone else has had this..but looks pretty screwed, neone figured out a work around please send me an email...

    thanks all


    Ok, so I got married on fable 2 but when I tried to have a kid I couldn't have sex most of the time when she said she wanted to. And eventually after i was able to my kid wouldn't get any older. I tried the spire quest to see if it would change this but when i got back my wife had disappeared nowhere to be found and my kid did age but he would just stand in one spot and wouldn't move, react, talk, or anything. My wife did appear eventually but she wanted a divorce and i couldn't even do that. I Really hope that you have a patch coming out that will change all this and if you have any tips please tell me, thanks.

    as soon as I got the high score in the crucible and tried to collect the prize, it changes to the screen outside of the crucible on the stairwell and I'm stuck! I cant move, pull out weapons use magic anything... Even if I fast travel to some other location i'm still stuck. My feet are in the ground

    The game is riddled with bugs. For the second time since I began the game I can no longer sleep in my own bed, even after completing the next storyline quest, which resolved the situation before when it happened the first time around. My spouse left me because he wanted sex, and I couldn't give it to him! Hehe!

    ..Seriously though, Fable 2 feels unfinished. Quest NPC's have fallen through the world at least once during the main campaign, and again after the main storyline was completed. Both times it was an assassin. The lag is unbearable at times, and in the year 2008 I thought we were past the minute and a half loading screens we became oh-so-used to in the days of the original Playstation. Come on, guys. I'm no stranger to bugs, I've worked for Blizzard, Atlus and as a QA rep for another smaller Korean game company, I've dealt with my fair share of bugs so I know how hard it can be to stay on top. But even with my sympathy, I feel that Lionhead's entire QA department should be sacked.

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