Fable II Reviews Getting Peter Molyneux All 'Emotional'

Lionhead Studios' Peter Molyneux may be feeling the effects of Fable II postnatal depression, making for a very weepy studio head on an emotional rollercoaster. He tells CVG that reading online reviews of the Xbox 360 role-playing game are getting him all worked up, all choked up.

Molyneux believes that his game may be "one of the hardest games to review." That leads him to wonder at the amazing critical capabilities of the gaming press and a flood of confusing feelings.

"How reviewers manage to distil such an experience into a few pages is incredible," Peter said to CVG, thanking the reviewing population "for their patience and belief." Well, we haven't reviewed it yet, Peter, but we plan to. We'll just put that sincere gratitude in our pocket for now.

Molyneux "incredibly emotional" over Fable II reviews [CVG]


    What a tool. The less I hear from this guy the better.

    god he is full of crap, I wish he would shut the hell up

    Peter Molyneux's narcissistic bullshit turned me off buying Fable 2 a LONG time ago.

    Pity, too - it's exactly the kind of game I usually enjoy. Nice PR job, dude.

    Forgive the man his eccentricities. Bullfrog released some of the best some of the finest games the PC has ever seen and with Fable 2 he's just proven that he can still command a team to put together an exceptional product.


    God this guys a dick, I played fable 2 and I could sum it up in 2 words; over-hyped.

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