Fable II Site Launches, Fabulous Prizes Await

Fable II Site Launches, Fabulous Prizes Await

Microsoft and Lionhead have launched the official Xbox site for Fable II, and much like the site for the original Fable it contains a charming interactive storybook for fans of the series to play through, only this time there are prizes involved! The cutout story tells the tale of your character’s ancestor as he deals with the death of his parents and his search for love and vengeance. Depending on the choices you make as you play through it, you will be awarded one of five special in-game items for your troubles.

Playing through it while sticking to the more virtuous decisions netted me a three-piece chicken costume. Playing through again on evil got me a nasty expression book and a vial of pink dye. Hit the link and let us know what prizes you come up with. Together we’ll collect the whole set!

Fable II Storybook Game
[Xbox.com – Thanks Jose!]


  • I plauyed through this pre stroyline game thingy and got a lion head tattoo and a hero doll. I went to ‘redeem thy prize’ and it asked me to put in my xbox live ID and password. I did this and then it said that the prize will be available for me next time i log into xbox live.

    Although having played throught the first few quests in the game i’m pretty confident the gifts are going to be in a chest down in the chamber of fate.

    Happy Gaming.

  • after beating the commandant. it wouldnt let me follow garth through the portal… also wnt let me leave via door. how do i get out of the commandants room?

  • It seems to me that the only relevant factor in what item(s) you get is which crown you choose at the end of the story, though that can’t be right, as there are only three crowns, not five.

    Left crown = hero doll and Lionhead Studios tattoo.
    Middle crown = 3-piece chicken suit.
    Right crown = nasty expression and pink dye.

    Then again, that might be all 5 items, if you count the doll and tattoo pair separately and the expression and dye pair separately.

    Anyway, that’s my take on it.

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