Facebreaker Not Exactly A K.O. For EA

Not even the brightly shining star power of pseudo celebrities like Kim Kardashian could spark enough interest to make EA's Facebreaker a hit. The lousy reviews likely didn't help either, leading to a first month debut of a mere 52,000 copies across both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions according to U.S. sales data from the NPD Group. According to GameDaily, that's "disappointing."

This isn't the first rather low-key debut for a new intellectual property from EA this year. Boom Blox for the Wii had an unimpressive first month, but the title bounced back to sell pretty darn good. You could probably knock us over with a feather is Facebreaker followed the same pattern.

Fortunately, EA has Madden, Mercs 2, Warhammer Online and Spore to soften the blow. Like a giant pillow stuffed with cash. So soft.

EA's Facebreaker TKO'd, Sells Just 52k [GameDaily]


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