Faith From Mirror's Edge Fan-Designed For Asian Tastes

That's Faith, lead character of first-person-parkour game Mirror's Edge. The game is designed by Swedish dev D.I.C.E., and naturally, the character's exotic looks certainly look skewed towards Western tastes. The game, out in North America and Europe next month, is getting a Japan release in mid-December.

The language will be localised in Japanese, but not the character design. As reader Torokun points out: "There is always a huge complain from Asian gamers whenever Western developers design Asian female characters..." As Torokun continues, this is mainly because many Westerners' definition of what is considered as "Asian" beauty is very different from what Asians consider beautiful." Hit the jump for a fan-created "doctoring" of Faith if she was created specifically for the East and not the West.

This is in no way official art. Still, which do you prefer?

Mirror's Edge [Ruliweb Thanks, Torokun!]


    so Asians like big eyes... how eyeronic

    i hope my comment still gets through :p

    the 'asian' version doesn't appeal to me in terms of story telling, the western view(i.e. the top one gives faith more of a strong purposeful look, it makes you want to understand her story, why she is beating up that guy and for what.

    the Asian version look like she is just having a tantrum, maybe the guy groped her or something, but the depth of character is lost to me, and in first person view those breasts are gonna get in the way...

    when i first saw the trailer for this game i thought she could have easily been sexualized but instead she is her own person and this appealed to me because the developers were making a game that sold itself through setting, story and game-play,and from what i can tell about the story of the trailer the stronger look definitely suits it more, where as the Asian looks more like damsel in distress to me.

    To Torukun, who says they were trying to make Faith explicitly beautiful in the first place...

    the bottom one kinda reminds me of yuffie from final fantasy 7

    I don't mind the eyes although the loss of the tattoo makes no sense and the increased breast size and nipple are a bit much.

    Does Niko Bellic need to look like a bench-pressing beach-going sixpack weilding action hero to make his character great? Or is his weathered, expressive look a contributing factor?
    All I'm saying...

    The face is alot better in the second picture, it would be great if that was the used for the game.

    i like the one on top!

    i prefer the first

    I like the second one better...


    that is all.

    @adizorz The first image definitely conveys more attitude and interest. The second loses this because you will note the eyebrow has changed in order to accommodate the larger eye. This destroys the emotion conveyed by the girl, hence giving less impact than the first image. A proper photoshop would have adjusted the whole head to make sure the eyebrow, and consequently her expression, was left in tact.

    I find the second version by far more visually appealing when you talk in terms of purely what the girl looks like. I prefer the softer features. To me, the more severe features of the first picture in my mind say "inbred". I'm not opposed to the eye tattoo, but, the two triangles is a bit lame. The should tattoo is more interesting.

    I should disclose I am Asian.

    oh japan.

    I have to wonder just who made that modified version, and if they're "asian" and if so, if it's an otaku somewhere in Japan. A comparison of what different asian cultures consider beautiful and what different western cultures consider beautiful in asian women would be interesting. But I really don't think that's what we've got here - what we've got is a character that was designed to be a strong, believable (not to mention non-sexualized) female character, modified to someone's fantasy.

    Can you honestly say that the only reason Faith's breasts aren't triple their current size and she's wearing a bra, is because the character designers weren't taking asian tastes into mind? And not because of, I dunno, general self-restraint and plain old taste? And while I can't speculate on the Swedish vs Japanese preferences on the facial features and bone structure (and amount of hair in one's face?) it also looks like the original design is fiercer and harsher - she's in the middle of a fight, after all. I'd take her more seriously than the modified one. And, alright, I'll go ahead and say it - the 'asian' version looks more like an 'anime' style character design than a real person. Especially with the wider eyes.

    In other words, I just think that it's more a matter of design choice for reasons other than "make a beautiful asian woman" and the person who doctored the photo (you don't say if it was Torokun or not) has more of a personal difference than a cultural difference. And, again, it looks to me more like "more suited to anime fans" than "more suited to the Asian continent"

    second one is waaay more hot. But isn't it ironic that asian people complain how western people design asian characters when all eastern orginated games, the "asian" characters are so heavily influenced by western people (just looks at the final fantasy series only game from asian designers I've seen that is a true representation of asians is Lost Odyssey). If you want big boobs and big eyes stick to ur bloody hentai. I don't mind the 1st chick at all.

    The original game character design looks like a person. The edited one just looks like an anime character. That's pretty much it - whatever the cultural aspects at work here are, they're clearly greatly overwhelmed by the Photoshopper's desire that every character look like an anime character.

    Yes yes, I see the differences in how the designers wanted it and all that jazz, but seriously, one thing should be kept in mind about this.

    It is fan art. just like on deviantArt or SheezyArt or PIXIV. I don't really think the modifier thought to themselves 'Hmm, I'm gonna change her look solely because I have no sense of reality and I watch too much anime.' And upon closer inspection, it's not just a photomanip, they actually repainted some parts to make it fit better with the overall idea of this piece of art. That's dedication, right there, but no one seems to want to note the actual quality of the work. So what if he does prefer something closer to that in his FICTIONAL settings.

    They're both fine, but I do like the second one better. Variety is the spice of life, right?

    Hm. Wow. Is all i have to say. First of all, [yes my name is faith, ahhh how ironic.] but yes as i was saying, first of all, I love anime and everything. Its great. But i also love this game, I'm very addicted to it. But actually attempting to change the appearance of Faith is ridiculous. What is also is ridiculous is asians actually COMPLAINING how western people design an asian. God, seriously? It's a game. Do you have to rant about every tiny thing? What are you going to do, sue them for making Faith look unappealing as though a real asian might? That makes no freaking sense. I say stop being a baby about everything, and if you don't like the game then don't buy it or play it, and don't complain to someone that really doesn't care. All they're going to do is watch you cry while laughing hysterically in your face. Yes oh my god, I soo agree with this person -- Snake Doctor
    Posted October 14, 2008 11:16 PM
    Your comment is true. The eyes are fine, but the eyebrows are raised up so that they could make the eyes bigger making her facial expression look more of as she is scared or innocent looking. She is supposed to be kind of like an assassin called a Runner. Her being innocent looking makes no sense. And the boobs. Wow. All i'm saying is whoever photoshopped the picture is a pervert, and are you trying to say that all asians have huge boobs? Well that's not necessarily true. Everybody is unique in their own way. Putting huge boobs on an assassin-like person makes no sense anyway because all they would do is get in the way. (Ha. Not saying if you have huge boobs you can't be an assassin. =]) Oh and Snake Doctor, or whatever, There was no loss of tattoo. You must have seen it wrong. But if there was that would be a good thing to bring up, reason being is because your right that wouldn't make any sense at all. By the way, the two triangles on her eye in the second picture are gone, if anybody had noticed or not. I think the two triangles are cool. They're kind of a good look for her, makes other people think of her as an individual with originality. I would have to say that i like the original picture SO MUCH BETTER. (1st picture.) I guess i had a lot more to say than i thought i did.

    "The original game character design looks like a person. The edited one just looks like an anime character."
    QFT. i'd rather faith looked like a real person, than Miss Asia. also, the enlarged boobs make no sense- she's athletic.

    i think that the original faith looks a lot better than the second, and it doesnt follow the stupid stereotype female of games.
    Usually, whenever there is a girl in a game, she usually has DD-Cup breasts and wears something that barely covers her parts. Faith has about a B-Cup, and wears a tank top and cargo pants. I think it is a bold statement saying hey, not all women are whores.

    I absolutely love the asian one more than the western one. I find the western one is actually fairly unattractive.

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