Fallout 3 360 Compromised By Pre-Apocalyptic Pirates

Fallout 3 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC are still a good 20 days aways from release, yet owners of slightly shadier Xbox 360 systems are already getting their game on, thanks to a copy of the game now making the rounds at the more popular torrent sites on the web. Seeing as Fallout 3 just went gold, this is more than likely a leaked review copy that got into the wrong hands.

I've personally confirmed that there is indeed a file purported to be Fallout 3 on several sites I visited, all weighing in at a uniform 6.52 GB in size. I won't give site names, and I won't be downloading it to verify it's veracity, because a - I don't have enough time or patience to do so and b -

I wake up and I see THIS? This is like an early xmas gift =D Thx loder! U're the man

Game pirates are dickheads.


    And here I was thinking Microsoft's Blade Runner inspired piracy failsafe worked.. you know the one, give the consoles short lifespans so anyone who's modded one to play backups loses their warranty.


    Damn right they're dickheads and the very same people will probably ruin it for the rest of us through countless spoilers and useless chit chat.

    I'm just surprised the publishers/developers/MS were not careful for such a bit title.

    Square Enix is also gonna regret it because once they release ff on the 360 i bet many people will pirate it. Thats what you get.

    I'm not saying piracy is good by any means at all, out here in Australia we are paying $110 for a game on release day, sometimes even more, it's not unusual to see a game with $129 pricetag.

    I personally download a game and play it for a week, if the game is good and I'm still playing it a week later, I go out and buy the game. If I don't, I throw it out. No way in todays market am I going to waste $110+ on a game that I won't play a week later

    I still have a good collection of real games, and unlike the USA, to hire games here in regional Australia, you can't get you r hands on titles

    Your right Pirates suck, and ruin the reputation of legit gamers who what to enjoy and celebrate a highly anticipated product. No doubt there'll be a blog soon that we start to ruin all the suprises that Beth have put in stoor for us.

    Some might argue that to download games in ths way saves money and true, but where can you spend £40.00 and get so much entertainment? fact is that 100hr of gameplay will actually look like 200hr's for folks that take there time. 'Beth' have taken four years to build this game and its about time certain gamers understood the amount of effort it takes, by giving enough respect to at least pay for the dame thing.

    I'm an old fan of the series and have been waiting 10 years for this moment, just to have a pirate prick to throw it back in 'Beths' face.

    Yeah, I've 2 friends w/ 360's who already have it.


    I'm a little scared of upsetting the "anti-piracy" bandwagon of folks here by saying this, but to be honest, if anything I think this game is going to be proof that piracy is not hurting the games industry as much as people claim. I predict this game will still sell like hotcakes, given that it has a) the fallout name, and b) is made by the creators of Oblivion. Those two facts alone have already sold many people on the game.

    I would love to see some of these pirates prosecuted. The only way make this activity seem less desirable, is some high profile cases ending in convictions with substantial fines & incarceration. Right now tens of thousands are downloading games like crazy, believing they will never get caught.

    Oh come on! Relax. No pirates are going to hurt this game. It's a massive release and for those whining about spoliers, get outside and get some sun. Dont read the spoilers if it hurts your little feelings. Geez! I honestly can't believe how much you sad freaks fit the stereotype. It's because of you that gamers are seen as geeky losers still living with mummy at home as opposed to the high income earning, classy, cool guys most of us are.

    I dont care who pirates a game, the units sold make the pirated numbers insignificant and I buy originals regardless. Sucked in to the companies since they make so much money and overcharge for every game whether it's any good or not.

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