Fallout 3 - The System Requirements

Do you have a PC and a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360? What system are you planning on buying Bethesda's Fallout 3 for? Would the PC system requirements help any? Right before the most hectic weekend in Kotaku history kicked in, Bethesda released the official system requirements for the PC version of Fallout 3, and they are relatively modest, all things considered. The minimum requirements only call for 1GB of RAM and a 2.4 GHZ Pentium 4, meaning I could very well run the game on my laptop.

Of course required and recommended are two different animals, so I think I'll stick to my desktop, which clears the 2GB of RAM and Core 2 Duo processor requirements with plenty of room to spare. Hit the jump for the full specs, including a list of supported ATI and NVIDIA graphic processing devices.

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista
1GB System RAM (XP)/ 2GB System RAM (Vista)
2.4 Ghz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent processor
Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with 256MB RAM (NVIDIA 6800 or better/ATI X850 or better)

Recommended System Requirements:

Intel Core 2 Duo processor
2 GB System RAM
Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with 512MB RAM (NVIDIA 8800 series, ATI 3800 series)

Supported Video Card Chipsets:

NVIDIA GeForce 200 series
NVIDIA Geforce 9800 series
NVIDIA Geforce 9600 series
NVIDIA Geforce 8800 series
NVIDIA Geforce 8600 series
NVIDIA Geforce 8500 series
NVIDIA Geforce 8400 series
NVIDIA Geforce 7900 series
NVIDIA Geforce 7800 series
NVIDIA Geforce 7600 series
NVIDIA Geforce 7300 series
NVIDIA GeForce 6800 series
ATI HD 4800 series
ATI HD 4600 series
ATI HD 3800 series
ATI HD 3600 series
ATI HD 3400 series
ATI HD 2900 series
ATI HD 2600 series
ATI HD 2400 series
ATI X1900 series
ATI X1800 series
ATI X1600 series
ATI X1300 series
ATI X850 series


    I'm having a great deal of trouble deciding which system to get fallout for.

    On the one had I love the achievements on the 360.
    On the other, It will look better on my pc.

    The make/break for me is the navigation. If it's one of those awful navigation systems that have been build primarily for joystick interaction, and not changed over for the mouse - then I'll play it on the 360, however if it's a decently designed nav and works well on a PC - then I'll probably go via that.

    So any word on the GUI ? What style of navigation does it lean towards ?

    Don't forget about the serious modding potential for the PC version! Oblivion ended up with heaps of mods, I'd expect the PC version to follow suit! :o

    Controls will be Oblivion-like, since Fallout it is just a huge oblivion mod anyway =)

    Also remember that fallout and oblivion were both pc games first so I would dare say that the controls will probably be much better on it than a console.. im goin pc version (but then my pc's pretty high end so i usually do anyway.)

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