Fanboy Dorks Ruin Metacritic

It's just a tragic facet of the human condition - a tribal instinct that can pit friend against friend and brother against brother. Catholic v Protestant, Sunni vs Shia, Spectrum v Commodore 64 and now - perhaps most bitterly of all - Xbox 360 v PS3.

This latter conflict is currently raging between the HTML tags of review aggregating site Metacritic. Trouble started when LittleBigPlanet seemed to have an unusually low user rating - currently at 6.4, compared to 95% approval by 'real' critics.

It soon became apparent that Xbox fanboys had been posting deliberately low user ratings to spite the PS3-touting infidels. The PS3 nation was quick to respond with an equally daft Gears of War 2 review bomb that has left the Xbox shooter with an embarrassing score of 2.8 at time of posting.

UN Peacekeepers are on standby.

PS3 Fanboys Strike Back: [Ripten]


    And the Wii gets away without so much as a scar.

    I hate idiots like this that ruin quality websites such as meta critic, I think Meta critic is a great site.. well in combining actual reviews not user reviews.

    went to metacritic to check this situation out, what a bunch of losers, judging by the number of user reviews on gow2 compared to littlebigplanet, it seems the sony dorks are the worst offenders, judging by the numbers of user reviews on a game that isnt even out, guess thats what happens when your console of choice is a better movie player than game machine due to lack of quality games

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