Far Cry 2's Widescreen Is All Cropped Up

Seems Ubisoft's free-roaming gun safari has "done a BioShock" and fudged its widescreen, with gamers on the trusted widescreengamingforum quickly noticing that rather than render the game in true 16:9, all Far Cry 2 does is crop the top and bottom of the screen. See pic above for reference. Disappointing, Ubisoft; we buy widescreen monitors to see more of the game, not less. Hopefully they can copy 2K a second time, and get a patch out to fix this.

Far Cry 2 [WSGF]


    I got the game today and yeah the FOV on widescreen is a bit tight. Feels too zoomed in. Differently shaped screens need slightly different FOV settings to get the right feel. We are simulating vision here, and I can get motion sickness with FPS. This is why I spend lots of my hard earned on graphics cards to keep steady framerates. The claustrophobic feeling in Far Cry 2 is the same as bioshock on widescreen without the fov tweak option. Im constantly scanning around with the mouse to see where I am and theres a lot of stuff zooming around and bam, not feeling so good. I have zero frame rate issues and would like an option to adjust FOV... please?

    Wow, no wonder I felt like I was playing the game through a mailbox slot last night on my Xbox 360. Something felt off but I couldn't put my finger on it.

    Why on God's green Earth would they use this technique to display 16:9? This is just absolutely awful judgement on their part.

    Come on people, as a game developer I understand this completely. No one builds games in 4:3 anymore, that mode is added as an after thought. And if you're developing a shooter your horizontal FOV is very important, you don't want to screw with that when you go back to the old 4:3 mode.

    Not a single game I've worked on in the last three years has been made in 4:3. Not a single person I work with plays in 4:3. So when you go to set it up it's so much safer to make the FOV taller than to cut off the sides. Your game design and code, AI or otherwise probably depends on that fixed FOV width. Height is irrelevant.

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