First LittleBigPlanet DLC Dated, Priced

Now that you probably have LittleBigPlanet in hand, Sony is ready to let loose with the PlayStation Store fed microtransactions so that users can spice up their Sackboys with aftermarket outfits. Fortunately, the first two Sackboy outfits will be free — and available for a limited time only — hitting the North American PlayStation Store next Thursday, Nov. 6.

Your first two Sackboy costumes will be the Halloween Mask and Launch Spacesuit pictured above. Both will be free and reportedly disappear from the PlayStation Store on Nov. 19. Further down the line, expect Sackboy outfits to run you 99 cents American. Also expect to see "premium" costumes at twice the price. The Old Snake and Sephiroth Sackboys, for example, fall under the "premium" category. Surprised?

Available 11/6: Official LittleBigPlanet DLC on the PlayStation Store []


    "Now that you probably have LittleBigPlanet in hand"

    Release Date: Nov 7th

    Current Date: Oct 31st

    Where exactly is everyone getting the game from... I have checked every Harvey Norman, EBgames, GameTraders, Big W, Target, Dick Smith, K-Mart, Sony Central, GAME and JB HiFi and any other store i come across that might sell games...

    Where is it!

    America MansoniteFirefox, it's in America.

    I ordered mine of - was delivered in two nights. Had it since the 21st october - its GGgrrrrreat!

    it was released in america this week, they only had a one week delay, aussies had a two week delay... :(

    I think its just a copy of the article from the American Kotaku dude, as its already been released state side...

    Available in US. Have not heard of anywhere is AUS.

    i got mine at wal mart... two days ago. it was not even on display. no one seemed to know any thing about the game.

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