First Look at the New Nintendo DSi in Action

Here it is folks! We now have some video of the newly announced Nintendo DSi in action. Behold the bigger screen and the glorious games you can expect on the system in the near future.


    Well that didn't really say much did it?

    Oh no, if those games are DSi exclusive that means I HAVE to get a DSi whether I like it or not o_o... But I wanna play GBA games! What should I do?

    I just blew my load. That was incredible. Who knows, maybe it'll turn out to be a PSP-killer.

    Well I wouldn't go as far as saying it could possibly be a PSP killer since the content for both consoles are very different in gameplay (stylus vs conventional buttons).

    The camera positioning on the external looks very sexy. You can tell a lot of effort was put into the design. Nintendo seems to be outdoing themselves all the time these days.

    I think you can play most of the games on the regular ds, but why would you want to? i guess if you had to.... All of the games look amazing, and theres a whole buttload i've never seen!
    (kingdom hearts looks awsome)

    wow this new DS looks awsome... can you play DS lite games on the new DSi?
    GO CAMERA! someone's a genius.

    Ahh...that is gonna RULE...Wow, I feel like a dunce! >_

    @ Laura
    You're joking right? Coarse you can...

    This is freeking sweet... I'm probably going to order one form Japan now!

    How many mega pixels is the camera. also it would be cool if you could use the camera IN game. kinda like sony's Eye Toy, but the down fall is its on the wrong side of the DS. It seems to me that this new DSi is turning into a phone. without being able to make calls. it plays games, connects to the internet, takes photo's. it probably will be able to record movies later on down the track, and you can play and store music on them. But you can't call home. Nintendo should incorporate a DSi buddy email system where you can find a wifi hot spot and send emails to a friends DS. its looking good though

    HAhaha Nice try but I might keep my DSL for safer keeping. I think this game console isn't worth it but that is SOOOOO unfair they get the could games like Professorr Layton, Final Fantasy, Mario Parties! Is it just me or did I see.... KINGDOM HEARTS! and and GAMES LIKE DISGAEA! TT_TT Phoenix Wright! TTT_TTT They betrayed me!!! I still don't know though! *sulks*

    saw this ages ago but still.. omgomgomg

    want one badly.. should make it so we can call pple and email like you guys suggested ^^

    ah.. i wish i was in japan

    sounds so cool but when can we buy it in australia

    this thing looks sik as!!!

    its like a camera ds and ipod
    btw it can play all ds games as far as i know!!

    omg... that is totally cool!!
    I soooooooooooo want to get one...

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