First Official SCIV Yoda/Darth Vader Fighting Screens

You're surprised? Please, don't be. When Namco Bandai released the multi-platform Soulcalibur IV, the PS3 got Darth Vader and the Xbox 360 got Yoda. Now you can get both thanks to the magic of DLC and capitalism. Ah, bless capitalism. It's made it not only possible for Vader and Yoda to fight each other, but for them for battle women with ridiculously large swords.

Starting October 23rd in Japan, Yoda will be available as PS3 DLC for ¥600 (US$5.93), and Vader will go for 400 Microsoft Points. Check out the gallery below.

ベイダー対ヨーダがついに実現! 『SC IV』のDLCは23日配信 [Dengeki Online]


    Almost $10 for one character, lulz wut? That's a joke right?

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