Forgotten Worlds, Shining Force Gear Trademarks Appear

Here's a big list of recent Japanese trademark applications from Square Enix, Sega, Capcom, AQ Interactive and Bandai. Capcom's registering (or we guess, re-registering) Forgotten Worlds should make many quite happy along with SEGA's Shining Force Gear and Namco Bandai's Solvalou. Hit the jump for the full list of trademarks.

スクエニ (Square Enix)
商願2008-069267 POLLUXENGINE
商願2008-071359 BLOODOFBAHAMUT

セガ (Sega)
商願2008-069004 でこぼこモータース (Bumpy Motors)
商願2008-069693 §GALiLEO\FACTORY\ガリレオファクトリー
商願2008-070753 シャイニングフォースギア\SHININGFORCEGEAR
商願2008-071457 天空盤 (Tenkuu ban)
商願2008-071458 TouchLive

カプコン (Capcom)
商願2008-066875 Doka!Doka!我天丸 (Gatenmaru)\ドカ!ドカ!がてんまる
商願2008-067604 ノイズ改造ギア (Noise Modding Gear)

AQインタラクティブ (AQ Interactive)
商願2008-070443 CUBEmALL

バンナム (Bandai)
商願2008-064789 ソルバルウ\SOLVALOU
商願2008-065882 大量破壊マシンガンゲーム (Ultimate Destruction Machine Gun Game)
商願2008-065883 踊る!!シロクマ&パンダ (Dance!! Polar Bear & Panda)
商願2008-067593 昼ドラ (Noon Drama)
商願2008-067594 レディコミ (Lady Comi — possibly short for Lady's Comics)
商願2008-067595 品格アップ術 (Dignity Up Technique)
商願2008-070177 遠山式立体表示研究所 (Research Lab of Tohyama-Shiki)
商願2008-070180 ファミリービーチ (Family Beach)

The parenthesis and localised titles are ours.

New Japanese gaming companies trademarks. Shining Force Gear ?... [NeoGAF via Go Nintendo][Pic]


    Forgotten Worlds? In Japan? But it was called Lost Worlds or something there...which really makes me wonder what they could be up to.

    Solvalou wasn't ported to anything previously and some people expected it to be the loading game in Tekken 6. This might be the first real sign that is so.

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