Gaffer's Gears 2 Leak Pics Include Free (sur)prize

Tipster Matt sends us this — Gaffer dreammastah got his hands on Gears of War 2 and provides enough visual proof (if static) to convince us it's real. One gameplay screen, no box art, so commenters are wondering if this is a review copy, which is a good question. Also curious if the use of a notepad is a clue, too.

So, big deal right, everyone's seen Gears 2's gameplay by now, and we know all the achievements, who cares about these new pics? Well, check the first one (full size on jump).

Ah browser tab jokes, the new reflecto-porn. Well played, dreammastah. Well played.

Gears of War 2: Sept. 29th Media Day Thread [NeoGAF, thanks Matt]


    I wonder if anyone noticed what the other tab says?

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