GameStop Employees Nabbed In Stolen Game Sting

While GameStop might not be the best place to trade-in your used games for store credit, but undercover officers in the Memphis, Tennessee area found it an excellent destination for those looking to fence stolen property.
An undercover operation performed between April and June of this year resulted in eight current and former GameStop employees pleading guilty to theft of property charges for receiving stolen goods. Agents entered the stores, making clear their product was stolen, and the employees in question gave them cash, a major no-no that has resulted in the voluntary suspension of cash trades in the area until early next year.

"GameStop takes this situation quite seriously," said Rory Rhoads, GameStop's Regional Vice President of Stores. "We are pleased to partner with the ALERT Unit and have taken very deliberate steps to improve our operations. Specifically, we have suspended our cash-for-trade transactions in Shelby County and DeSoto County, Mississippi until February 2009."

Each of the 8 defendants were charged with one year on diversion, a form of probation that can ultimately result in your record being cleared.

As an aside, Rory's office is located down the street in the GameStop I used to work at. Hell of a guy, that Rory.

GameStop employees nabbed in undercover sting [Memphis Commercial Appeal]


    man, these guys must be real retards, i work at an EB store in sydney, and it's drummed into us from the time we set foot in the store, no cash for trades, so for someone coming up to them saying "look, got stolen games, need cash" and for them to go along with it...

    absolute stupidity...

    This is very common is Columbus Ohio area. I have worked in video games here for many years. There are bands of thieves and drug addicts that will take written orders on what games the local stores need and then go out and steal them and then sell them for $20.00 to $25.00 each. Brand New games! you got to wonder what the cops are doing, and where are the stores that can lose dozens of games every week! We are talking about 20 copies of each new release!

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