Get A Good, Close Look At The DSi


    I think that the DSi will be a real improvement. Nintendo are sending the handheld in the right direction. But I do have a few questions: will there be much improvement graphics wise? How much will it cost (au)? And are the rumours of a matte surface true?


    can you play nintendo DS games on the nintendo DSi? i sure hope so.


    It's fully compatible with DS games. However it doesn't have a GBA slot.

    I have found out that the estimeted/expected price of the new Nintendo DSi will cost, unfortunately, around $300.00 austalian - & I do not think we would get a free game with that price[which is even worse, considering the games themselves cost around $70.00-100.00 alone!!].
    Also, I doubt that the graphics will be upgraded at all - after all, the new DSi must be compatable with the old/existing games available for the original and lite versions of the DS.
    Lets dream though - maybe the DSi will be down in price after the first six weeks of release. I am not going to waste an extra $100.00 just to get two little cameras in my video-game product !! I already was given another digital camera over the last Christmas time period, despite the fact that I have a digital camera in my Nokia N95 8G handyfone/mobile/cell, whatever u wanna call it. I was stunned at the cost of the first one [again] despite the fact that I am able to afford a new system.
    However, the new DSi is only going to be around $89.00 cheaper then the Aussie Wii, that is now available for around $389.00, including included games !! Hmmm... Not too sure on which one I should get - got rid of my first DS (bored of it), and I refuse to pay $500.00 for a videogame system that is going to be repleced/upgraded in around 5 or 6 years from its first release...
    Anyways, sorry for blah, blah, blahing a little much [if not completely]. I am bored and do not have much else to do - perhaps I shouldn't have gotten rid of my first DS ...?!?!?!?!

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