Golden Axe Reviews Are 'Irresponsible' Rubbish, Says Reviewer

The editor of Play magazine, Dave Halverson, has some harsh words for anyone who scored Sega's Golden Axe: Beast Rider below a 7 out of 10: "Be wary. The majority of these people (can't call them critics) either didn't complete a fraction of the game, don't understand game design, or just plain suck at games." At last check, all outlets but Play have reviewed the game well below Play's 9 out of 10 — the GameRankings average is currently at 44%. Halverson derides these "sad reviews" as an "ever pervasive sign of the times."

In addition to the sarcastic double-quoting of words like "press" and "reviews," clearly indicating that both are naught but pale imitations of the real thing, Halverson says that the "review events" at which he thinks Golden Axe: Beast Rider was measured are an indication that of the "game industry going down the wrong path."

He also complains that Beast Rider's well below average scores "for the most part echo the opposite opinions of real gamers."

We can't speak to the final quality of Golden Axe: Beast Rider yet, as our hands-on time with the title has been limited to time at the Leipzig Games Convention and a few hours with the retail build. (Fahey picked it up before the weekend.)

Who out there has the game, has played it and either agrees or disagrees with Halverson's glowing review and subsequent rant?

Dave Talks Golden Axe [Play]


    I could not agree more with Dave Halverson and play magazine. beast rider is a brilliant game and has tons of great things going for it. The game play is smooth and easily complex all at the same time. Its nice to have a game go back to oldschool game play. not that i didn enjoy god of war and conans button prompts, but its nice to have the gameplay and combos back in the hands of the player.this game has alot of great features and looks amazing. the only , and i say again only true problem is that its not capable of dual play with two people in one console.
    how ever the drawf is in the game story and id dare say the barbarian is there as well. either way its one hell of a game. not great... but damn sure better than a lot that has come before it. a game any true gamer who loves hack n slash and even claimed to love golden axe in the days of sega should own.

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