Grand Theft Auto IV Gets PS3 Trophies Monday

PlayStation 3 owners will be able to brag of their Grand Theft Auto IV achievements... err, accomplishments officially starting Monday, as Rockstar Games is making PlayStation Trophies support official at the start of next week. Expect 51 new Trophies to arrive on the PS3, presumably matching the already available Xbox 360 Achievements — the first four should be familiar to the Xbox crowd — plus one for that bonus platinum level trophy that illustrates your dedication.

Don't expect, however, to see retroactive Trophies support in GTA IV. The official word from Rockstar notes that we should "make sure to download and install the update before playing in order to start attaining Trophies." What's another 40 hours or so in Liberty City?


    Unbeleivable! No retroactive trophies?? I'm not playing the game again to get 100% - I'd like to have the trophy, but the games not fun enough to play through again, maybe they'll bring out vice city trophies, I'll be more than happy to play that through again. WHY NOT HAVE RETROACTIVE TROPHIES??????????????????????????????

    It's better than nothing but a custom soundtrack patch would have been 10 times better. I hate how so few devs are smart enough to release how wanted a feature it is since it adds a degree of replayability and hence is a small selling point in itself. Plus GTA4s soundtrack was generally horrible, imo the worst for its time, with the exception of gta 1 but the fact that it had a soundtrack at all was somewhat impressive.
    It's like the screenshot feature. I know it just came out but chances are it'll be the same story and barely be used by any games. What's the point of saying the system has these features if devs are too lazy to use them?

    It's because of the people who just download game saves off the internet.
    I can't wait till Monday. I haven't played this game lately because of all the other games. I CAN'T WAIT!

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